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February Speaker Series

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May 30, 2020
Speaker Series


Join Syl Woolford  for a presentation on DuPont schools in Delaware in celebration of Black History Month at the Margaret H. Rollins Community Center on February 15th.


Between 1920 and 1930 P. S. Dupont built 85 schools for African-Americans in Delaware. These schools were called the “Great Experiment” and were intended to decrease the education gap between African-Americans and whites.


This lecture reviews the planning which took place to build these schools, the experience of the students who attend the schools and the process of closing these schools after Brown vs. the Board of Education.


For those who lived through this experience, it is a celebration of the progress made with the aid of these DuPont Schools. For those who are not familiar with the DuPont schools, it’s a look back at time in the Jim Crow period of history, when race was a dominate consideration of all American’s daily life.


Syl Woolford is a native Delawarean who currently lives in Newark, Delaware. Mr. Woolford is a graduate of Delaware State University with a BS Degree in Business Administration/Accounting and a graduate of Rutgers University with a MBA in Marketing.He has recently retired from a career in accounting and sales with such firms as Campbell Soup, IBM, Pacific Telesis and Sun Information Services.

Mr. Woolford’s interest in history began with the researching of his own familyhistory. He traced his mother’s family, the Saunders Family, for 210 years in the city of Newark, Delaware.


Each presentation begins at 7:30pm at the Margaret H. Rollins Community Center at the Lewes History Museum (unless otherwise indicated). Each month, a different speaker presents and topics vary. These events are FREE and do not require a reservation.


Syl Woolford will present about the history and impact of DuPont Schools on February 15th at the Margaret H. Rollins Community Center.