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Tavern Talks

Faber Sua Fortuna”- A Self-Made Man

In 1793 our country faced a national health crisis, Yellow Fever. During the hot and humid summer of 1793, thousands of Philadelphians grew terribly ill. Those that could flee, left the city. Located only 89 nautical miles south of the outbreak epicenter, Lewistowners had their own wild, and sometimes dangerous, theories and remedies for the deadly virus. By today’s standards these emotions may seem outlandish—but also all too familiar. Join us at the Sussex Tavern and learn how residents of the past faced this crisis in conjunction with another crisis not unique to its time—unexpected visitors arriving in droves to Lewistown.


Friday, September 15th           5 pm & 7 pm
Saturday, September 16th      5 pm & 7 pm
Friday, September 22nd          5 pm & 7 pm
Saturday, September 23rd      5 pm & 7 pm  

Where: Sussex Tavern at the Rabbits Ferry House
Historic Campus 110 Shipcarpenter Street
Lewes, Delaware

Tickets include light refreshments.

Admission: $25.00 per adult. Must be 21 or older to attend.
 Girads Herosim

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