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Historic Lewes Events and Programs

From educational, entertaining programs like our Speaker Series and Tavern Talks to fun annual fairs and festivals like our Craft Fairs, Mid-Atlantic Sea Glass & Coastal Arts Festival and Antique Show, Lewes has it all.

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Historic Lewes Tours

Discover historic destinations downtown, learn fun facts about our region’s maritime history, and experience history as it comes alive. Learn about our lighthouses, cemeteries, historic architecture, maritime monuments, and more.  By foot, trolley or water taxi, we have a tour for you.

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Society Propterites

Historic Lewes Properties

Explore narratives that surround Delaware's history in the War of 1812, the first European settlement in Delaware, the Great Bilzzard of 1888 and more. The Lewes Historical Society’s Campus offers 9 historic buildings in addition to 4 additional off campus points for your historic pleasure.

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Historic Lewes Blog

Read through our blog to find out fun and interesting facts about the area, learn about upcoming projects to further strengthen the preservation of Lewes's history, see announcements about new initiatives by the Lewes Historical Society and to feed the inquiring minds of history.

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The Lewestowne Express is our monthly online publication that keeps you in the know about all things historic Lewes.  The current version is always available here for your easy access and viewing pleasure. 

The Lewestowner is our yearly publication detailing all of our openings and events for the summer and fall.

Lewestowne Express