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Image Rights

Photographs reproduced from Lewes Historical Society collections may NOT be reproduced online without the expressed, written consent of the Society. In granting a person authority to publish or use a photographic copy, The Lewes Historical Society does not surrender its own right to publish it or to grant permission to others to do so. The patron or researcher may not permit others to reproduce the photographic copy or its facsimile. The Lewes Historical Society reserves the right to limit the number of photographic copies; to restrict the use and reproduction of rare materials; and to levy special use fees in extraordinary circumstances.

No personal scanners are allowed in the Archives. No cameras - digital or analog - are allowed in the Archives. One (1) complimentary copy of any published work in which the photograph appears shall be placed in the Library of The Lewes Historical Society at the time of publication. The Society requests that a copy of unpublished papers, etc. utilizing materials from its collections be deposited in the Library or Archives. All LHS photographic reproductions are handled by the Society. All reproductions will be labeled on the back noting they are under copyright of The Lewes Historical Society as well as giving a description of the photo and catalog number. A signed and dated copy of this section must be submitted by the requesting agency, organzition, or person or reproduction rights will not be granted. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in revocation of permission and denial of service in the future.

Patrons and researchers must submit a description of proposed use to the Society prior to reproductions being executed. Multiple images of the print(s) in a single publication will be treated as a single image printed in a single publication.

Any subsequent or different use constitutes a reuse and must be requested in writing. An additional fee may be charged for reuse. Patrons and researchers may not use a photographic image from Society collections as a dust jacket nor an end paper, nor use it in an advertisement or other commercial or similar nature, nor mass reproduced as unbound material without the expressed, written consent of The Lewes Historical Society.

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