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Wooden Boat Crew

Description: The Lewes Historical Society Wooden Boat Building Program began in 2009 with the goal of drawing
attention to the more than two-hundred year old tradition of shipbuilding in Sussex County Delaware. Utilizing all natural materials an all-volunteer team transforms raw materials into a functioning example of historic craftsmanship. During demonstration days and times volunteers also engage and inform visiting members of the public about the building process. LHS Hosts an annual general public boat build each year for local school children in a summer camp format. By providing guidance and assistance
participants complete the kit and launch the boat by the end of the week. 

Training: Boat Building volunteers will be receiving training in both specific woodworking skills as well as the appropriate safety training for individual tools and machines. Volunteers will also be required to attend a training session on working with children for the Family Boat Building Weekend.

Why this position is important: Boat Building volunteers are rekindling a traditional art in Lewes. These volunteers help a new generation of boat builders to learn the craft and provide a unique opportunity to share their skills with participants as well as the general public.

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