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"Voices of the Ancestors": Oral-History Roundtable Series

From August 29, 2022 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm

The Lewes Historical Society is pleased to offer an opportunity for you to participate in a series of five moderated roundtable events that provide open and candid discussions of the history and experiences of the African American community in Lewes. 

The conversations will be enhanced through the participation of a panel of regional experts and guided by a speaker recognized as an authority on each month’s theme. From  education to the armed services, topics will be examined from the distinctive view of the African American experience. Audience participation is encouraged, and time will be allotted for Q & A at the end of each session.

The second hour of the event will be dedicated to instruction on best practices to perform personal oral-history research.  

“Voices of the Ancestors” will be archived for later viewing so you can be sure to catch all five fascinating topics.

Where: Lewes History Museum - 101 Adams Avenue, Lewes

Monday, June 27 - 5pm - 7pm 

Topic: Education

It wasn't until 1901 that the first public school for African Americans was established in Lewes. And for 20 years it provided education only up to the middle school level. Students who chose to pursue higher education were forced to travel throughout Delaware at a time when separate was certainly not equal.

Panel Speakers:
Stell Parker Shelby
Dr. Kathryn Benjamin Golden
Susan Bassett
Visiting Speaker:  Waynne Paskins 
Historic Figure Focus: Frederick D. Thomas

Monday, August 29, 5-7pm
Topic: Curating African American History 

Monday, September 26, 5-7PM
Topic: Health & Wellness

Monday, October 24, 5-7pm 
Topic: Athletics 

Monday, November 28, 5-7pm
Topic: Armed Services

Event repeats