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visit bannerThe Lewes Historical Society gladly welcomes thousands of visitors to its properties, museums, exhibitions, programs, and events each year.

We feel privileged to be the custodian of important historical treasures and want to make the history of the First Town in the First State available to all who would like to learn and share our passion.

You are invited to attend all our annual events, which support our mission and make our programs and outreach possible. We hope to see you on campus or at a program or exhibition soon! 

We are COVID-19 Safe for you and your family...

The Lewes Historical Society’s museums, properties, and gift shops are open, with limited hours, capacity, and access to some historic buildings.

The well-being of our valued visitors and our staff remains our highest priority, so various safety measures remain in place. LHS strives to comply with the most recent state regulations and therefore our various programs and events are subject to change and cancellation.

Please be patient, as capacity in all areas is limited. When you visit, please wear a face mask. It is required in all indoor areas at all times. Outdoors, face masks are required when it is difficult to maintain a safe social distance of six feet from people who are not from your household. Wearing face masks is also required on tours and guided walks. Also, please follow one-directional pathways, and take other precautions as posted on-site. We offer various opportunities to use hand-sanitizer throughout our facilities, for your convenience and peace of mind.

If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a face mask, we ask that you do not visit at this time.