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Vintage Base Ball Players

Description: The Lewes Historical Society is proud to be the home of the Lewes Vintage Base Ball Club, a vintage ball club participating in the Mid Atlantic Vintage Base Ball League and a member of the Vintage Base Ball Association.  The Lewes Vintage Base Ball club plays by the 1864 rules, and is looking for some new team members, umpires and score keepers. These volunteers will become active members of the team and are expected to travel to games across the region as part of their participation requirement. These volunteers may also have the opportunity to work with Society staff in base ball themed summer camp programs as well as educational outreach programs.

Training: Vintage Base Ball Club volunteers will be required to participate in regularly scheduled practices throughout the spring and summer. Players will be trained and become familiar with the 1864 rules and will be required to wear the proper safety equipment in order to participate.

Why this position is important:  The Lewes Vintage Base Ball Club brings 19th century base ball to life in Lewes, introducing the public to one of Lewes’s favorite past times. This club travels throughout the region as representatives of The Lewes Historical Society.

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