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Every year, LHS asks its members to consider donating to the Society's Annual Appeal. Funding is used to support the LHS's mission to promote and advocate the preservation, interpretation, and cultural enrichment of the Lewes, Delaware region.  This is done through museum exhibitions, educational programs,  historical research, and publications. 

This year, LHS  identified a project to roll out on Giving Tuesday that not only aligns with its mission but also supports the LHS commitment to provide an inclusive environment where visitors are able to learn about Lewes History in a surrounding conducive to their individual needs.  

The Giving Tuesday Project will design, construct, and install outdoor signage at all fourteen LHS historic sites that will provide written information to those who are not able to navigate certain challenges presented by the interior of historic structures. Historic buildings are not always easily accessible (tight stairways, steep steps, and uneven flooring); these signs will help create a welcoming environment that promotes educational opportunities for all LHS visitors. 

In addition to written messages, the signage will also provide an audio message for each building; audio messages will be available in English and Spanish. 

Thank you in advance for your gift!

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