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Endowment & Planned Giving

Endowments are an important part of contributing to and securing the future programs and collections of The Lewes Historical Society. See the inspiring story of John Farrace's transforming endowment to the Lewes Historical Society in 1989.

An endowment can support the general operations of the Society or a specific purpose. We will work with you to create an endowment that reflects your interest.  See how you can help support The Lewes Historical Society. 

Notifying the Society of a gift during your lifetime brings an immediate additional benefit of listing as a Legacy Donor. The Legacy Donors' List was created to recognize those who have thoughtfully named the the Society in their wills.

Gift and estate planning is an important process that will benefit both you and The Lewes Historical Society. Planning ahead will help the assets you've accumulated over your life positively affect the causes you care about.

The Society was founded and has been able to significantly expand with planned gifts of land, artifacts, cash, securities and other assets. These gifts created the foundation of the Society and continue to contribute to our remaining one of Delaware's premier civic and cultural institutions.

The information provided here is not intended as legal advice and is for educational purposes only. You should always speak with your legal and financial advisors regarding how these techniques apply to your individual situation.


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Endowment Profiles/Donor Portraits

Ann Hilaman
Barbara W. Vaughan
In memory of Elizabeth "Betty" Carter
Gavin & Lou Braithwaite
Captain George M. Elliott
In memory of H. Edward Maull Sr. and Irene Turner Maull
James Cooper
James Macintire
John Farrace
Judith Adkins Roberts
Lorelei Meanor
M. Holmes Russell
Robert Gordon Stewart
Maryjanette "Jan" Monihan
Dr. Thomas E. Brown