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Sources of Endowment Funding

Spring Appeal

It's your support that keeps the Lewes Historical Society a premiere institution. The Lewes Historical Society will work with you and your advisors to design a plan that achieves your financial and philanthropic objectives. Gifts can be wonderfully simple, flexible and easy to make.

You may have received something in the mail about our spring appeal, but if not you can donate here:

The Lewes Historical Society Endowment Fund | “Future of the Past” Campaign

Sources of Lewes Historical Society Endowment Funding

Named Funds

These gifts of $50,000 or more have been restricted by the donor for a specific purpose.

M. Holmes Russell Fund in Memory of Florence Holmes and Lynford Outten Russell (2013, Grounds)

Bequests to The Lewes Historical Society

These gifts have been made through estate planning and form the heart of the “Future of the Past” Endowment.
Capt. George M. Elliott (2015)
Mary Jo Haverbeck (2014)
M. Holmes Russell Fund in Memory of Florence Holmes and Lynford Outten Russell (2013)
Judith Atkins Roberts (2012)
Elizabeth “Betty” Harrington Macdonald (2011)
Elizabeth Ann Burton (2010)
Robert Gordon Stewart Trust (2006)
Elisabeth Diffenderfer in Memory of Her Grandmother, Mary Ann Burton White (2006)
Louise Thompson (2002)
William B. Kerkam, Jr. (2001)
Henry P. Marshall (1998)
Dr. James E. Marvil (1996)
Sara Chambers (1993)
Charles E. Aikens (1991)
John Farrace (1989)
Catherine M. Balaguer (1977)
Leah Burton Paynter (1968)

Legacy Donors

These are individuals who have notified the Society of their planned gifts.

Anonymous (3)
Paul & Beth Bechly

Jean Borlund
Lou & Gavin Braithwaite
Thomas E. Brown
Bob & Val Cloutier
Cindy Foster
George A. & Jane D. Gibson
Stephen Harris
Robert & Margretta Hearn
Ann & Richard Hilaman
Lorelei Meanor
William & Joan Reader
Fran & Jim Richmann
Irene Robb
Midge Smith & Carl Wisler
Linda M. Stigile
Bonnie Taylor
Barbara Vaughan
Michael Weider & Chris Beakey

Endowment Fund Contributors

Friends and members of the Society who have made contributions to the “Future of the Past” Endowment Fund since its formal inception in 2001.

Dr. & Mrs. John P. Adams
Bud Adler
James Bazzoli
Barbara Beatty
Lou & Gavin Braithwaite
Dr. Bernard J. Clark
Ruth Draper
Capt. & Mrs. George M. Elliott
Joanne Greenspun
Gary & Betty Grunder
Margaret R. Henriksen
John & Jay Hukill
Jack R. Lesher Trust
Mr. & Mrs. H. Edward Maull, Jr.
William V. Megee
Barbara & Gordon Negus
Kay Carnahan & Tom Nobile
Gerald E. Price
M. Holmes Russell
Mrs. Walter Samans
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Simmerman
Robert Gordon Stewart

Memorial Funds at The Lewes Historical Society

These are funds established in memory of individuals who cared deeply about Lewes and the mission of the Society. Further contributions to these funds may be made at any time.  

Monique Ingram Memorial Fund (2017)

Mervin Ward Memorial Fund (2016)
Thomas N. Crowley Memorial Fund (2015)
Marie Wik Memorial Fund (2015)
Jane L. Quigley Memorial Fund (2015)
Capt. Pete Floyd Memorial Fund (2015)
Frank Gallo Memorial Fund (2015)
Marsha Davis Memorial Fund (2014)
Patricia A. Lesher Memorial Fund (2014)
Capt. George M. Elliott, USN, Retired Memorial Fund (2014)
Patricia Staby Rogers Memorial Fund (2013)
Elizabeth "Betty" Carter Memorial Fund (2013)
Myrna Rubenstein Memorial Fund (2013)
Mary Brittingham Elliott Memorial Fund (2012)
Capt. James F. Macintire Memorial Fund (2012)
M. Holmes Russell Memorial Fund (2012)
James E. Cooper, II Memorial Fund (2011)
Elizabeth “Betty” Harrington Macdonald Memorial Fund (2011)
Judith Atkins Roberts Memorial Fund (2011)
Homer Ingram Memorial Fund (2009)
Anne Ingram Halsey Memorial Fund (2009)
Fred Hudson Memorial Fund (2008)
Al Stango Memorial Fund (2008)
Margaret Henriksen Memorial Fund (2008)
William S. Ingram, Jr., Memorial Fund (2008)
Margaret “Peggy” Dunning Memorial Fund (2008)
Charlotte Hocker Memorial Fund (2008)
Elizabeth Lee Schmalhofer Memorial Fund (2006)
Trenny Marvil Elliott Memorial Fund (2006)
James Richard Orton Memorial Fund (2005)
Henry F. Hill Memorial Fund (2005)
Eric A. Pearson Memorial Fund (2005)
Irene Turner Maull Memorial Fund (2005)
Robert Gordon Stewart Memorial Fund (2005)
Robert Hunter Orr Memorial Fund (2005)
Kathleen Metcalf Memorial Fund (2004)
Frank S. Carter Memorial Fund (2004)
Eleanor Dill Memorial Fund (2003)
Virginia Schnitzler Memorial Fund (2003)
Ernest E. Megee Memorial Fund (2002)
John Wik Memorial Fund (2001)
John “Will” & Frances Ingram Batezel Memorial Fund (2001)
William Kerkam Memorial Fund (2001)
Cornelia Hurdle Memorial Fund (1999)
Henry P. Marshall Memorial Fund (1998)
Virginia Orr Memorial Fund (1997)
Frederick Schnitzler Memorial Fund (1997)
Alice Watts Memorial Fund (1997)
Joseph & Paula Holland Memorial Fund (1997)
Dr. James E. Marvil Memorial Fund (1996)
Howard T. Long Memorial Fund (1994)
Maggie Poole Memorial Fund (1988)
Maurice Revnes Memorial Fund (1985)
Irving Walls Memorial Fund (1984)
Earl Poole Memorial Fund (1982)
H. Edward Maull Memorial Fund (1982)
Elizabeth Orr Memorial Fund (1968)