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'A long and lasting shame': Slavery in Delaware 1700-1865poster proof final smalleST

The Lewes Historical Society's November 13 Symposium presented research undertaken by academics, independent scholars, and graduate students in multiple disciplines on the theme of slavery in Delaware from late Colonial America to ratification of the 13th Amendment.

Topics included political, social, cultural, legal, literary, biographical, bibliographical, or economic approaches, as well as guides to notable special collections/archives. 

The symposium was held on Saturday, November 13, 2021, at the Hotel Rodney in Lewes, DE from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

9:00-9:10 - Introduction/Welcome by LHS Executive Director & Curator James A. Abbott

9:15-9:35 - Session I
The Hon. Diane Clark Streett: “The Episcopal Church and Slavery in Delaware”

9:45-11:15 - Session II
Ralph Prettyman: “Injustices at Tower Hill and Beyond”
Bruce A. Bendler: “The Life of Cuff Frisby, c. 1770-1845”

11:30-Noon - Lunch

Noon-12:30 - Keynote Speaker
Kathryn Benjamin Golden: Title: "Enslaved Resistance, Community, and Escape: Everyday Refusal and Organized Opposition in the First State"

12:45-2:15 - Session III
L. Rebecca Johnson Melvin: “Slavery in Delaware: Selected Resources in Morris Library Special Collections”
Flavia Rutkosky: “CCC Camp at Leipsic”
José Marcos Salaverria: Solomon Bayley: A Freedom Seeker from Delaware

2:30-4:00 - Session IV
John Ernest: “The Underground Railroad in Legend and History”
Alexa B. Silver: “Slavery on Mount Harmon Plantation”
Andrew J. Lyter: “Navigating the Channels of Freedom: African American Delawareans, the Sea, and the War of 1812”

4:15-4:45 - Session V
Lorna A. Rainey: “Legacy of US Congressman Joseph Rainey”


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