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Photography Volunteers

Description: Photography volunteers assist the Society in photographing special events, programs, and the collections. Event  photography volunteers help to capture the excitement of events, including artists, children’s programs and a variety of other activities. Photography volunteers may also attend outreach events as a representative of the society to capture the Society’s work in the community.  Photography volunteers may also be asked to photograph important pieces of the Society’s collections for archival and preservation purposes.

Training: Photography volunteers will have training on the expectations for each assignment. These trainings may include suggested photographs, the collection of photo waivers from subjects, and brief object handling instructions in the event that it is necessary to photograph a piece of the collection.

Why this position is important: Photography volunteers capture the moments that make the Society shine. These images may be used in promotional materials or advertising to help show the general public what is going on at the Society. These photographs can also be used to enhance collections information as well on the Society’s website.

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