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2019 Annual Meeting

The 2019 Annual Meeting will be held February 23rd at the Margaret H. Rollins Community Room at the Lewes History Museum at 11am.

The slate is as follows:


Bernard J. Clark for an additional year as Corporate Secretary. He is a retired physician and physician administrator.  He has lived in Lewes since his retirement in 2012.  He has been a member of the board of trustees since 2012.  In that capacity he has served as Chair and now member of the Finance Committee, member of the Endowment Committee, member of the Executive Commitee, and Coporate Secretary. 

 Terri Lottman for Trustee.  A third-generation native of Washington DC, Terri relocated to Lewes, DE in 1994, after a 20-year career in the dental industry. She and her husband founded Sun Up Enterprises, a business specializing in historic restoration, painting and antiques/collectibles. They restored their 19th-century home, which was featured on the 2000 Lewes Historical Society Christmas Home Tour, and Terri was an active volunteer with LHS from 1994-2001. As a Therapeutic Massage practitioner, Terri opened the first 'in home' massage practice in Lewes. In 2007, Terri began volunteering with the Archaeology Society of DE, and joined the crew of Avery's Rest in Rehoboth, the site of the 17th-century colonial plantation of Captain John Avery. Terri became the volunteer coordinator, served on the ASD Sussex County Chapter Board for five years, and is now a lifetime member. Terri spent ten years in the field and lab, training under Dan Griffith, and working with forensic anthropologist Dr. Doug Owsley of the Smithsonian Institute. Terri has volunteered for Beebe Hospital, Big Brother Big Sister, the Sussex County AIDS Committee, Habitat for Humanity, the Lewes Library, the Zwaanendael Museum, and is a member of Preservation Delaware. 

We will also be voting on revisions to the Society’s By-Laws.  Changes to the organization of the Lewes Historical Society and to its operations have created the need to revise the Society’s By-Laws, last revised in 2016. A brief summary of the revisions follows:

 As more senior staff have joined us, we have needed to be more precise about responsibilities for hiring, dismissal and staff appraisals. Wording has been added or altered to make clearer the relative responsibilities of the Board, the Executive Director and Director level staff for staffing. In addition, revisions to the By-laws give the Board Executive Committee specific responsibilities for developing and monitoring a staffing plan for the Society.

 Growth in senior staff and the increased complexity of operations have called for a strengthened accountability structure and clearer definition of the relative responsibilities among the Board, standing committees and staff. The changes highlight Standing Committee responsibilities for oversight, staff responsibilities for program planning and delivery and the need for Standing Committee and staff coordination.

 Challenges in determining quorum require us to clarify what constitutes membership for the purpose of a vote. Under the revisions, each membership, regardless of whether it is an individual or group membership, is entitled to a single vote.

 Other revisions are intended to improve Board functioning. These include giving the the Governance Committee a clearer mandate for overseeing Board acquittal of its responsibilities, allowing the Board to implement non-substantive By-laws amendments prior to vote by membership and advancing the date of the Annual Meeting to January so that the appointment of Board members corresponds more closely to our budget cycle.

The full text of the By-Laws can be obtained by email request to [email protected] or by visiting our offices at 110 Shipcarpenter Street, Lewes, DE.