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Nanticoke Dance & Culture November 17

Friday, November 17

2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Location Description
Margaret H. Rollins Community Center 101 Adams Avenue

Tradition. It’s a word that drives many cultures, many people. Learn of the Nanticoke dance and music and hear a brief history of Delaware’s Nanticoke People’s traditions that have survived and even changed through generations. The evening’s events will include explanation of the significance of the native regalia and the meaning of dances to be performed. According to Nanticoke Councilman Herman Jackson “Many people look at our regalia and think ‘costume.’ Our tribal wear reflects tradition and also may have origins in things handed down from generations before us. Native Americans don’t wear costumes. Our regalia has deep and traditional meaning for each of us.”

Join The Nanticoke Indian Association for a discussion and demonstration on "Nanticoke Dance," on Friday, November 17, at 7:30pm at the Community Room at the Margaret H. Rollins Community Room at 101 Adams Avenue, Lewes. Admission is free and no reservations are required.

The Nanticoke dancers will perform to the rhythm of a tribal drum played by tribal singers and drummers. The Lewes Historical Society is proud of its continuing tradition of hosting the Nanticokes and sharing their history of American Indian culture at the Society’s programs. Their previous presentations and traditional performances have been met with enthusiasm by both tribal members and their audiences. The Lewes Historical Society is proud to continue to highlight the important cultural and historical significance of Delaware’s Nanticoke people.

This presentation is The Lewes Historical Society’s November “Speaker Series.” Each month between September and May the Society offers educational and entertaining programs that explore the history of Lewes, the surrounding area, Lewes's unique interaction in the national scene and other related and appealing topics. All of these meetings are open to all members, residents and visitors of the Lewes community. For more information and a complete schedule for this series, call 302-645-7670 or visit

Members of the Nanticoke Tribe sharing their traditional dance.

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