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Lunch & Learn: "Census Data For Genealogy In Lewes"

Friday, November 4

8:00 am - 9:30 am

Friday, November 4, at noon at Hotel Rodney: Noemi Mendez Eliasen presents, ""Enumeration Nation,' The Census in Delaware: An Insight into America’s Past"

Presentation Description:
The information collected by the U.S. Census lays the groundwork for your genealogical research.  This program will demonstrate how the questions asked from 1790-1940 gave insight into American's families of the past, and what insight you might gather about your family in the present.

Speaker Bio:
Noemi Mendez is a Data Dissemination Specialist at the Census Bureau.  She is responsible for outreach and education in the Pennsylvania and Delaware areas where she instructs data users, both novices and experts, on how to use the U.S. census data as an informational tool for grants, news stories, business plans, and to learn more about their own families.

More about Lunch & Learns: Click here.

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