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History Happy Hour: "Newspapers of the Middle Colonies"

Friday, August 18

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Location Description
Hotel Rodney: 142 Second Street, Lewes

Friday August 18, at 4:00pm, at Hotel Rodney: Diane Rey presents, "Newspapers of the Middle Colonies"

Presentation Description:
In Colonial days, America’s two dozen or so fledgling newspapers were lifelines for people tied economically and socially to the mother country.  In the run-up to the Revolution, they were vital in keeping the disparate colonies united toward a common cause.

Among the ink-stained wretches who plied the trade, one in Annapolis stands out: Anne Catharine Green (1720-1775) may well have been America’s first female editor, printer and publisher of a newspaper in America.

Come meet the woman as portrayed by Diane Rey, a writer for the modern-day version of Mrs. Green’s “Maryland Gazette.” Prepare to be informed and entertained as you get a glimpse into the life of a working woman of the 18th century, who got out her paper each week while also serving the Maryland legislature as official Printer to the Province during Annapolis’ “golden age.” --And did we mention she gave birth to 14 children besides? You won’t want to miss this opportunity to interact with a true revolutionary whose story of courage and fortitude still resonates today.

Speaker Bio:
Diane M. Rey, who portrays pioneering newspaper publisher Anne Catharine (Hoof) Green of Colonial Annapolis, is a freelance writer and reporter whose credits include a weekly community news column in The Capital newspaper that traces its history to the Maryland Gazette published by Mrs. Green in the run-up to the American Revolution. A lifelong Marylander who grew up on a large dairy farm in Frederick County, Diane Rey traces her roots to the South River Hundred who settled in southern Anne Arundel County on the original land grants from Lord Baltimore.

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