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History Happy Hour- Jimmy Bertholet, The Ash Wednesday Storm

Friday, July 13

4:00 pm

Indulge on Friday evenings for The Lewes Historical Society’s History Happy Hours including interesting dialogue led by local history buffs, heritage area experts, and museum professionals.  These 20-30 minute featured presentations are followed by engaging question-answer periods.  During the program, wine is available.

History Happy Hours take place on Friday evenings from June through August  beginning at 4:00pm, at the Margaret H. Rollins Community Room at the Lewes History Museum, 101 Adams Avenue, Lewes.

These events are free.

Please consider joining us for this unique educational opportunity!  

Friday July 13- Jimmy Bertholet, The Ash Wednesday Storm

Long-time LHS volunteer and history buff, Jimmy Bertholet, will speak on the Ash Wednesday Storm of 1962, share interesting stories and photographs. 

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