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Harvest of Discontent

From October 14, 2023 10:00 am until 4:00 pm

Harvest of Discontent: 1773

An LHS Living History Event

It is the autumn of 1773 and Lewes is still a part of King George III’s dominion. But tensions are growing that test the sinews of the empire.  As improvements are being made to the lighthouse at Cape Henlopen and a new schooner named LIBERTY is being launched, there is controversy surrounding the recent General Assembly election.   Residents of this seaport community prepare for the coming winter amid growing discontent. 

As a part of the ongoing crisis of taxation and representation, the Parliament in London has passed the Tea Act, creating a monopoly on one of the colonists’ most beloved imports. Viewing this as yet another strike against American rights, Delawareans respond by renewing boycotts, engaging in fierce debate in the streets and taverns, forming new associations, raising up the liberty pole, and proclaiming themselves as true Sons and Daughters of Liberty. 

Guests visiting the Lewes Historical Society’s Historic Shipcarpenter Street Campus will step back in time to the final, fraught months of 1773 to engage with history first-hand.  Throughout the weekend, they will have the opportunity to meet the inhabitants of colonial Lewistown as they demonstrate historical activities, and grapple with a mixed harvest of familiar crops needed to sustain them through the approaching winter, and growing revolutionary ideals.  

Admission to this premier living history event is $10.00 per person.

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Proceeds support the Lewes Historical Society's commitment to the preservation, interpretation and cultural enrichment of the Lewes region, through museum exhibits, educational programs, historical research and publications.

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