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Boos, Brews, & Booze

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October 26, 2018
7:00PM - 10:00PM
Shipcarpenter Campus


Must be 21+ and able to provide valid ID to consume alcohol

We have multiple starting points for this event. If you would like to share the experience with your friends and family, please select the same starting point (band color) as your party.

Come to taste local brews, wines, and spirits all while soaking in the culture of historic Lewes, witnessing historic haunted stories. Each small group gets their own historical “ghoul” for a more personal experience! We book into different color groups to ensure a smooth experience and comfort-ability! Here are the places you will be touring:

Burton Ingram House
The Burton-Ingram house an example of a Federal style city townhouse originally located on Second Street – in the heart of Lewes’ commercial district was moved to its present site in 1962. - The Wiley–Wilson Murder: A revelation of a Doctor and another man’s wife results in a tale of murder and revenge most foul.

Rabbit's Ferry House
Typical of mid & lower Delmarva tenant farmer home with kitchen/living quarters and a corn loft overhead. - The Mysterious Death of Susan Johnson. Found Dead at the Base of the Stairs her husband accused of murder. An all female jury borrowing trouble, needed like another hole in the head.

Ellegood House
A typical Sussex County farmhouse, Built c. 1800. Double, double toil, in the past to be accused of witchcraft was nothing but trouble for the fairer sex.

Old Doctors Office
Built c. 1850. This Greek Revival style building has housed some of the most noted physicians in Delaware and seen multiple operations and medical procedures. Then and now a trip to the Doctor’s Office was not always a pleasant visit. Learn about the herbs and tools of the trade of the past in this location. Where a pound of flesh and blood was not always just an expression.