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Endowment Profile- Maryjanette "Jan" Monihan

Maryjeanette “Jan” Monihan is a retired Professional Nurse who had a long career as head nurse and trauma room nurse at Beebe hospital. She is a transplant from Newark, Delaware who came to Lewes in 1973 when her husband, Jim Monihan, accepted a position at Beebe as Assistant Administrator.

Ms. Monihan developed a deep interest in history when as a child she spent many days touring cemeteries checking burial dates and other historical facts and learning about local history from a neighbor who was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Ms. Monihan has been a committed rescuer of Bassett hounds, most of whom had been mistreated. She returned them to health, trained them as therapy dogs and took them on visits to nursing homes, hospitals and schools.

Ms. Monihan has a daughter in long-term care from being severely injured in an auto accident and a son who is a pathologist who served at Beebe and St Francis Hospital in Jennerville, Pennsylvania. She also has two grandchildren.

Ms. Monihan currently resides in Bay Breeze Estates where she can frequently be seen walking her Bassett hound, Mr. Skipjack.