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Endowment Profile- Gavin & Lou Braithwaite

As Gavin and Lou Braithwaite work behind the counter in their Front Street stores, Lewes Gourmet and PUZZLES, they often hear the following from customers: “Lewes is such a wonderful place; we discovered it a couple of years ago and now we are buying a home here”.

“We can relate to this”, says Gavin. “It was Lewes’ special feel that attracted us to move here twenty years ago. We immediately felt such ‘magic’ in the air that we jokingly called the place ‘Brigadoon’. We strongly believe this feeling springs largely from Lewes’ sense of history. We want to help keep it that way.” Knowing how the Lewes Historical Society has been pivotal in making Lewes the special town that it is, Gavin and Lou have made the Society’s Endowment a beneficiary in their wills.

One of Gavin’s favorite “reads” is The Journal of the Lewes Historical Society. Whatever the future may bring, back-numbers of the journal will always provide information about Lewes’ past. How many small towns can boast such a high quality publication that finds its way all across the country? The Cannonball House Maritime Museum is also one of Gavin’s special favorites, as he was raised near the sea in the southwest of England. Gavin and Lou enjoy the many celebrations of the past co-sponsored by the Society, such as the 375th Anniversary events in 2006, which included a spectacular tallships festival.

However, all this takes money. The Society receives no direct taxpayer dollars, making fundraising events its mainstay. But so many of these events are weather-dependent. The significance of an endowment is that your money gets put into long-term quality investments. Your original money remains, while the profits over time help support the Society; it’s like a gift that keeps on giving. The Lewes Historical Society, owing to its tax-exempt status, receives the full benefit of all bequests. If anyone wants to chat in confidence about the simple process of including the Lewes Historical Society in his or her will, simply contact Gavin at home, 645-1539 (or email [email protected] ).