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Endowment Profile- Barbara W. Vaughan

Lewes has just about everything that makes the quality of life so satisfying, and the Lewes Historical Society is right up there at the top of the list of reasons why this is so.  My first encounter with the Society, after moving here in 1992, was the night that the local Sea Chanters shared their talents and their history with the community.  As a new resident in the Burton Subdivision it was especially dramatic and important to me because the performers were my neighbors and future friends.  The next step was becoming a docent and learning the story about the history of Lewes, the Society and its extensive properties and collections.  What a gift!
I have remained closely involved with the Society ever since.  I enjoyed being a member of the Board and, lucky for me, the editorial board of the Society’s highly successful Journal.  Imagine sitting in the same room with Hazel Brittingham, Judith Roberts, and Ned Maull, as they share their memories and knowledge about Lewes history.  The editorial board meetings are truly wonderful and entertaining, as are the Journals themselves, thanks to Betty Grunder who initiated this valuable effort, has shepherded the diverse contributors toward publication for the last twelve years, and hopefully will continue to do so well into the future.
When I learned about the Legacy program, it prompted me to include a donation to the Society’s Endowment in my will because it is where I have found friendship, education, entertainment, trips, inspiration, and satisfaction.  Who can ask for more?

Join Barbara W. Vaughan (and many other generous supporters) to help us preserve the unique historical character of historic Lewes.