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Curriculum-based Programs

The Lewes Historical Society is pleased to present a series of curriculum-based programs for the academic year. These programs were designed to meet the needs of today's busy teachers, providing them with hands-on, standards-based lessons for students in grades K-12.

Highlighting pieces of notable Lewes history and culture, these programs allow for in-depth exploration, both in the classroom, and on-site at many of The Lewes Historical Society's museums.

Each program was created to meet Common Core, Next Generation Science and Delaware State History Standards and can be easily modified for different skill and ability levels.

These programs serve as examples of our Educational offerings and are currently being updated for 2019 to reflect the most current CCS and Delaware State History Standards.

Brave Little Lewes

Brave Little Lewes

Students will learn about the rocket's red glare over Lewes as they explore the important sites of the 1813 Bombardment of Lewes. Lessons include an overview of the War of 1812, a study of notable Lewes figures and primary source documents written by in Lewes while the British were moored off the coast. This program also contains a trip to the Cannonball House Maritime Museum.

Download the PDF lesson plans for grades 8-12.

"You have to go out, but you don't have to come back."

Life-Saving Image

Students will explore the hard work and dedication of the United States Life-Saving Service in Lewes and learn about the tools of the trade. Next, Students will take a trip to the Lewes Life-Saving Station to create their own life-saving apparatus. To end the unit, students will design their own front page news story about the Life-Saving Service's role in the Blizzard of 1888.

Download the PDF lesson plans for grades 4-6

Fish Scales and Sea Chanties

Fish Scales

Take a deeper look into one of Lewes's largest industries and discover what life was like as a menhaden fisherman. Students will read first hand accounts from a fish-spotter pilot and will also learn about the importance of sea chanties and work song for fishermen. This program also contains a trip to the Cannonball House Maritime Museum and to the Society's Menhaden net reel. 

Download the PDF lesson plans for grades 4-6

Where the River Meets the Sea

Where the River Meets the Sea

Explore the environment and build a classroom topographic map illustrating waterflow and the human impact on the environment. Students will learn about how polution impacts local water sheds and the expansion of Lewes in relationship to its natural resources. Students explore "green" building techniques that were utilized in the historic structures in a trip to The Lewes Historical Society's historic complex.

Download the PDF lesson plans for grades 3-6