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Education, Tours, and Programs

Guided Tour Docent

Description: Walking Tour Guides are the front line ambassadors of The Lewes Historical Society introducing
visitors to the history of the area. These individuals provide visitors with a variety of walking tour
of town including tours of the Historic buildings, the Maritime museum, the Architectural design of
the private homes in town , and the culture of our Ryves Holt House Visitor Center Tavern, the
oldest house in Delaware!

Training: Guided tour docents are expected to attend several training programs each year to build skills in tour delivery and content. Guided tour docents will have the opportunity to shadow existing tour docents to become familiar with content and tour delivery as well as to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of guided tours.

Why this position is so important: Without the guided tour docents, the Society would be unable to fulfill its mission of educating the public. These docents have the chance to reach thousands of visitors each year and greatly extend the reach of the Society into the community.  Each thematic tour that these docents give allows the Society to generate a larger audience and get more visitors to learn about all that The Lewes Historical Society has to offer.


Educational Outreach

Description: Educational Outreach volunteers have the unique ability to reach students and families in off-site programs and in schools. Educational Outreach volunteers will share the history of Lewes in live programs in the classroom and bring history to students who otherwise would be unable to visit the Society. Educational Outreach volunteers will also work on hands-on events programming both on and off site. 

Training: Educational Outreach volunteers will have regular trainings on tour content as well as appropriate techniques for working with children. Trainings will include information about child development, appropriate vocabulary, and working with children with special needs.

Why this position is important: Educational Outreach volunteers extend the reach of The Lewes Historical Society beyond the complex. They allow students to have unique educational experiences without ever having to leave their school and it allows visitors to events the chance to sample some of the programs offered by The Lewes Historical Society.


School Tour Docent

Description: School tour docents are critical to the Society’s mission to support education by providing high quality programs for children in grades K-12. These docents have the opportunity to share a variety of topics and work with the Society’s new hands-on curriculum-based programming.

Training: In addition to being trained in the walking and maritime tours, school tour docents also receive special training in working with children in grades K-12 as well as in the delivery of the new hands-on curriculum-based programs. Trainings will occur on a regular basis and attendance is required to ensure the Society is meeting its educational objectives.

Why this position is important: School Tour Docents are students’ primary interaction with the Society and its collections. These docents are able to enrich the educational experiences that students will have on site and can help students to comprehend and learn about Lewes History. 

Wooden Boat Crew

Description: The Lewes Historical Society Wooden Boat Building Program began in 2009 with the goal of drawing
attention to the more than two-hundred year old tradition of shipbuilding in Sussex County Delaware. Utilizing all natural materials an all-volunteer team transforms raw materials into a functioning example of historic craftsmanship. During demonstration days and times volunteers also engage and inform visiting members of the public about the building process. LHS Hosts an annual general public boat build each year for local school children in a summer camp format. By providing guidance and assistance
participants complete the kit and launch the boat by the end of the week. 

Training: Boat Building volunteers will be receiving training in both specific woodworking skills as well as the appropriate safety training for individual tools and machines. Volunteers will also be required to attend a training session on working with children for the Family Boat Building Weekend.

Why this position is important: Boat Building volunteers are rekindling a traditional art in Lewes. These volunteers help a new generation of boat builders to learn the craft and provide a unique opportunity to share their skills with participants as well as the general public.


Living History Interpreters 

Description: At the Lewes Historical Society we are currently expanding our Living History and Interpretative Programs. Join Historical Society staff and volunteers as an interpreter in period attire, and teach visitors about history from a new perspective! Our ever-expanding Program calendar includes, Colonial Tavern Talks, Living History events on the Historic Campus, Annual Holiday Celebrations, Maritime Celebrations and many more!

Training: Interpreters will receive training from education staff as well as have the opportunity to attend workshops to aid them in developing their character.

Why this position is important: Living history interpreters interact with the public to bring history alive and create meaningful connections between the past and the present. 

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