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Collections, Research, and Journals

Collections Care, Library, Archives, and Research- "White Gloves Gang"

Description: Library and Archives volunteers assist in cataloging and organizing part of the museum collection. These volunteers may photocopy articles for archival purposes, scan documents into the Society’s Past Perfect software or research programs or themes directly related to the Society’s collections or mission.

Training:  Collections Care volunteers require extremely specific training and may be required to attend off-site conservation workshops and programs.  It is extremely important that these volunteers have a deep understanding of both the objects they are handling and the methods of cleaning and preserving these objects. Trainings will include object handling skills as well as the handling of cleaning solutions for a variety of objects as well as basic training in the Past Perfect database.

Why this position is important: They are also the first line of defense in conservation, noticing things that may need more preservation work and alerting the Executive Director of concerns that may arise in the displays. Library/Archives/Research volunteers also help the Society to attend to the needs of the collections and ensure that the Society’s collections remain organized.


Journal of The Lewes Historical Society- Lewes History Editorial Board


Description: Journal Editorial Board volunteers create and publish the Journal of The Lewes Historical Society. They may write, edit, or approve articles for each edition of the Journal and work collaboratively to ensure that the Journal is a relevant piece of scholarly information.

Training: Journal Editorial Board volunteers will be introduced to the board and will have to pass a selection process. Further instruction will be provided by the Editorial Board.

Why this position is important:  The Journal of the Lewes Historical Society provides a scholarly approach to Lewes history and culture. These volunteers are essential in the creation of articles and ensuring that the Society publishes the highest quality work.

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