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Carpentry / Electric / Plumbing Volunteers

Description: Maintaining a complex of historic buildings takes a lot of work. Our Carpentry/Electrical/Plumbing volunteers help keep our buildings running in tip-top shape. Depending on the type of work, a variety of skilled expertise is always appreciated. Volunteers may be involved in the planning of new projects, in the restoration of existing buildings, in the modernization of things like plumbing and electrical wires, or in the repair of doors and windows.  This also includes the general care and maintenance of facilities.

Training: These volunteers will have  training on specific tasks, but primarily will be expected to have previous experience in construction, plumbing, or electrician work. Licensed individuals are encouraged to volunteer, providing an exceptional resource to the Society.

Why this position is important.: Carpentry/ Electric/Plumbing volunteers help to keep all of the Society’s buildings in working order. With the large number of Society properties, the maintenance on each building exceeds paid staff capabilities. The expertise of these volunteers will also assist the Society in preservation decisions and a better understanding of materials needed to properly maintain and preserve Society property.

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